Stovetop Artisan Pizza Oven

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The Stovetop Artisanal Pizzeria.

    This is the stovetop pizza oven that heats up to 600° F and produces crispy pies like a wood-fire oven. Unlike a common conventional oven that can take up to 20 minutes to cook, this efficient stovetop convection oven bakes a pizza in as little as six minutes by using concentrated heat conducted from a gas burner. Two included cordierite pizza stones distribute heat evenly across the dough to eliminate hot spots and absorb excess moisture, resulting in faster cooking times and a crispier crust. Its removable sliding door opens to accommodate pizzas up to 12" using an existing pizza peel/spatula and features a built-in thermometer that allows one to closely monitor the cooking temperature. With a stainless steel body and an exterior red enamel coating. For gas stoves only. 17" L x 14 1/4" W x 6 3/4" D. (14 3/4 lbs.)